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We started our journey by gathering art, science and action under the same roof for a life more sensitive to mental and physical health.
 Çatı Atölye has specified the study subject as BODY and MIND - the two variables of the self. Thanks to the power of interdisciplinary gathering, the journey has started by bringing art, science and action together under the same roof.

What We Do

"I" Workshops

We should have self-doubt and ask questions.



In the “I” Workshops, we reflect on our roles and relations in the life using a creative process.

Corporate Workshops

We build and implement systems observing the whole well-being of employees and the system in order to make workplaces - where we spend a large proportion of our lives - more sensitive to physical and mental health.

We believe in the effect of teams’ wellbeing on the corporate culture and perform workshops with corporate companies accordingly.

Meeting With Masters

With this project, Çatı Atölye aims to vocationally empower mental health professionals.

Workshops bring academicians with a good command of field knowledge and interested therapists together. These workshops are designed to evoke creativity of participants.


Thanks to the power of interdisciplinary gathering, we have started our journey by bringing art, science and action together under the same roof.

Creative process is an intermediary area where unsolved conflicts are reworked.

Interpretation of the creative process evokes the knowledge about self and the other.
And the result of this process is the revision of the self and reconciliation with the self-image.


Approaching our experiences in different forms of thinking with a curious and explorer mind

frees us.
We seek for clues of converting the experiences gained during the workshops using the findings of golden keys of the psychological science - ‘Psychodrama’, ‘Psychoanalysis’ and ‘Neuro Science’.


We search for the traces of music, dance and literal construct within us beyond the words but among the images, sounds and action.
Action gives people the opportunity of getting on the stage and play their own lives rather than watching the others.


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Halaskargazi Mah. Matbaacı Osmanbey Sok. 67-3 Şişli-İstanbul


You may get off the underground at “Osmanbey” station along Hacıosman - Yenikapı line and walk towards Nişantaşı along Rumeli Street using the Rumeli Exit. We will be waiting you at Matbaacı Osmanbey Sokağı (the first street on the right) Beypazarı Apt. Numara 67, Kat: 2,
No: 3.

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